Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Big GULP for a Big Thirst

Ever had the urge to gulp down one gallon of iced tea, soda and or water but couldn't find any fast food, restaurant or convenience store to quench your fantasy? Well, there is nothing wrong with you. Your just one of the millions who want nothing but a big bad ass beverage to go along with their big appetite!

Because of this, the bottomless and or refillable drink was introduced! Yep, your endless need for moisture now has its equal an more. However, drinks like these don't come cheap. And if ever they do, you can bet your 13Th month pay that the taste is surely below par!

So will you settle for anything less?? Hell no!! Especially if you have thirst machines as your lunch buddies who wants nothing but a good feast for their throat. These people will force you to spend your hard earned dough on classy resto's just to have a bottomless drink.

But I was ever the innovator, so I introduced to them the wonders of the 1.5 liter Lipton Tea which you can buy at any 7-11 store for just 49 pesos! Aha! now that's real value for your money. The only catch however is the beverage temperature and the lack of choices.

So, it was back to the drawing board for me. And after weeks of pondering, I was stuck in refilling my Lipton tea bottle with distilled water!Yikes! the perils of Makati life!

But on that one fateful Wednesday afternoon, July 12, 2007, a wave of discovery hit me! This discovery was the 32 0z Big Gulp from 7 - 11!!!

Yes my friends, what more could be a source of thirst quenching liquid than a big bad ass cup that can be filled with several beverages and loaded with steaming hot tube ice topped off with a sturdy plastic cover and and easy to pierce straw hole! And the best part is, its just 28 pesos! Brilliantly astig!!

And after that discovery, my colleagues were never thirsty again! There was however a shortage of Big Gulp 32 oz cups in 7-11's we paid a visit to! You do the math!

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