Tuesday, July 17, 2007

'POOF" Goes the Transformers Movie toys!

JAZZ in car Form!

You guys have to understand, its been bugging me since the last time I watched Transformers for the 2ND time! I have to these transformer toys in my grasp!!! The problem however is that these live action based toys pop up like unsuspecting mushrooms and go poof the next minute!!! So what do I do? Simple, I consult the toy geek in the group to hook me up with the elite toy stores in the area!

We first visit Festival mall, check out the 4 toy stores I know of in the area and the closest thing they can offer to the live action toys, is the
Optimus Prime head gear ( or mask if that's how you should call it). So I hit a brick wall, just great!!! I made a vow that day... I promised myself I wont rest till I get Transformer Jazz in my grasp!!!Bwahahaha (crazed laugh with matching eerie background music!).

Next day I wake up with the passion of a hunter in search for his first prey for the day, I was hell bent to get my first Transformer!!! Geek toy guy accompanies me to Makati and I almost scraped all the rubber in my converse sneakers (buti na lang matibay!naks commercial) running around SM, Landmark, Greenbelt and Glorietta just to find the transformers!

When all hope was almost gone, my toy guru gives me words of encouragement... do not give up my young
paduan, there is still GREAT toys and BEST toys! Alas!!! I have been revived! We rush to Great toys and lo and behold, we find JAZZ, BARRICADE, OLD CAMARO BUMBLEBEE, STARSCREAM, IRON HIDE, SCORPONOK, PRIME... Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!! What a catch!! We ask for the price of barricade and bumblebee and my eyebrows twitch, but when I heard Jazz's price, I quickly grabbed him, after all he was just 650 pesos!!! What a bargain for a rare catch (at least during that time)! Fast forward to the latter part of the day, my geek friend was so jealous, he had to buy BLACKOUT at BEST Toys for 1700 pesos! Ha ha ha!!

JAZZ, FRESH out of the BOX!

I spent the next 40 minutes transforming Jazz, 45 minutes for my friend in transforming Blackout. So this is the feeling of transforming your first Transformer toy! Astig!


SiMo said...
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SiMo said...

Geek toy guide... lolx! Good times, Good times! We have yet to find the holy grail of transformers movie toys (bumblebee 2008 camaro!)

eckoysnook said...

Yep, yep, and there will be no rest for the wicked till we find that elusive Transformer!