Thursday, July 19, 2007

The First RATCHET in The Philippines!?

I'm looking at it now...

Absorbing its distinctive design...

The yellow green body paint...

Its classy front bumper design...

And the sturdy robot form...

Yes, I have finally, finally laid my hands on the elusive voyager Autobot.... RATCHET!

Thanks to BEST Toys, what I thought to be uber rare, has finally crawled its way to the Philippine market.

OK, let me get one thing straight, I may going out on a limb here but to say that this is the first Ratchet in the Philippines could be way overrated, but I'm just saying this because I have tried for the past weeks to find one, but never did.

Prior to seeing Ratchet on the Best Toys shelf, I visited Toy Kingdom to check, and the sales dude said that Ratchet never appeared in their inventory, it was just Iron Hide, Star Scream, Blackout for the voyager class ever since.

I have also checked other toy stores, but never caught a glimpse of it. Heck, I never really liked Ratchet until I saw its images on the net which was just over the weekend.

But when I tried to push my luck last Tuesday Pm in search for new transformers live action toys, I was stunned to see Ratchet, two boxes of it, still on the Best Toys shelf.

Ready to be taken out of the BOX!

So I quickly grabbed the much sought after treasure, and was surprised to find out it was tagged at 1,800 pesos!! And if you pay in EPS, they add another 99pesos! Wah!!

I try to call my toy guru, but the line was dead, I tried several times until I finally hear a ring from the other end, I quickly explained the circumstances and was advised that the price was just right for the rarity of the artifact(yeah right)!So I argued with myself a little, but the kid in me won the battle.

So I hurry down the nearest exit and scurry to the nearest functioning ATM! In a flick of a finger, 2000 pesos automatically goes bye bye!!!(Tipid mode nanaman!)

As soon as I paid the clerk, the pain of parting with the cash was quickly replaced with the delight of having Ratchet in my hands, ready to come out of the box for his first Transformation!

And to my delight, both the vehicle and robot form was a sight for sore eyes! Aye caramba!

RATCHET in Robot form with his bosom buddy JAZZ!

Now almost one whole day has passed, and I'm glad that I didn't think twice in purchasing the Medical Officer of team Autobot!

You do the Math!

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