Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nail Polish: A No No for your Transformers

Bought transparent nail polish the other day. Why?

Well it was definitely not because I wanted to give my finger nails a makeover, but my Transformers!

Yep, it was kinda hard getting one, but I finally did find one at the women's section of a department store.

I was full of joy when I got my hand on it, after all, My Barricade Transformer toy needed the protection because the police logo on the doors were being scratched off every time I transport it in my bag.I thought that Nail polish would do the trick.

But alas!!! The moment i made contact with the letters on the door, the nail polish brush, further scraped away the paint!!At first I thought it was just the reflection of light, but when I tried applying the transparent liquid again, I saw the paint come off... Tragic!

I tried the same nail polish on my new Hotrod/Rodimus, but the paint job did not get messed up like Barricades. I tried it on the other parts of the Classic Edition Rodimus, and still the paint was intact.

The POLICE text on the door easily bubbles and fades with Nail Polish (Photo courtesy of the Invincible Robot Lab)

Ergo, the new line of toys are not conducive to the effects of the Nail Polish. I know this may not be the final verdict, buy I don't wish to try the nail polish out with my other movie version toys... seeing Barricade's paint come off like that is traumatic as it is!

So folks, say no to Nail polish for your Live action Transformers...


Anonymous said...

Don't judge the naiul polish (or the toys...) just yet.

Nail polish, just like any other petroleum-based product, is corrosive to the paint used on toys, especially the newer ones. It has no discernible effects however when used on unpainted surfaces, evn on colored plastics.

The nail polish is used mainly for tightening loose ball joints and moving parts (where applicable...) since the coating makes the joint lock better (IMHO).

Some of my movie toys have clear nail polish applied to their joints to improve pposing but not on the painted surfaces...

Hope this helps!

eckoysnook said...

Yep, thanks a lot! maybe I just have to use the right nail polish.

But I guess it was a little too late for my Barricade... Hu hu hu!!

Anyway thanks for the advice and in the future I will consult the experts first!