Monday, July 23, 2007

Bonecrusher: It was worth buying after all

Bonecrusher! Is it any good?

OK, OK, I have to admit that I made a big mistake. I thought that buying it was a big no no, but I ended up biting the dust for that remark!

Yes, I am talking about the Transformer Movie toy: Bonecrusher!

At first glance you would notice that this is not to scale with the other of its kind since it is only sold at the deluxe class. This could have been better off in the Voyager class, but then again a lot of the Decepticons from the movie line is not to scale with the others (Brawl/Devastator, Blackout and now Bonecrusher).
Another problem with BC is with its tires. Not all of it touch the ground, so his vehicle mode isn't so compelling. But the overall vehicle look is quite cool, just don't let it "roll out"!He he he !

Bonecrusher wants a piece of Barricade, "teka kakampi mo yan!"

But the fun part begins when you start transforming it. It looks relatively intimidating the first time you transform it, but once you do it, its really very easy and entertaining! The best part however lies in its robot look which is indeed very "alieny" for a lack of a better term!

Bonecrusher strikes a pose!

The robot mode is cool because of this difference. The body details also adds to its x factor, especially with its extending hands and tripod like legs (its actually four, but only three touch the surface). Overall, its peanut butter and dark green color combination adds luster to its persona! So for all you transformers toy addicts, you might want consider adding this one to your collection.

Bonecrusher also wants a piece of Optimus Prime (Cybertron -Galaxy Force version), he however is having size issues!

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