Sunday, July 22, 2007

Florentine + a Lifeless Iced tea = Pizza Co.

I have to hand it to Pizza Co. restaurant... I can't help keep coming back for more of their Pasta Florentine.

The bacon and ham squares are a perfect match to their saucy white sauce that has just the right density to stick to the fettuccine while leaving some on the plate to dip your pizza on.

There is a big catch however to Pizza Co.'s menu, and this can be found in their beverage section.

First, only Iced tea and lemonade are their alternative choices to their bottomless drinks.

So I have no choice but to order iced tea which brings us to the 2ND issue. There is nothing special to this Iced tea besides being bottomless!

Bonecrusher prefers green tea to go with his Florentine!

Its just like any other average Iced tea on the planet. And considering its quality, they shouldn't even charge 75 pesos for this, heck I can get the same iced tea at Shakeys for less!

What I'm trying to say is that Pizza Co. should try to give their iced tea a bit of character, a bit of twist. Or maybe they could serve other teas like red or green tea, after all, food and drink go hand in hand, they should complement each other!

Ergo, this is one of the main reasons why i choose to eat elsewhere, where I could have the best of both world's!

So much for the Florentine...

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SiMo said...

Ahh... The magic that is Florentine combined with a nice crispy pizza, truly a match! Now if we could only import that bottomless iced tea from Don Hen's...lolx