Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gundam 00 1/100 - 0 Raizer na lang kulang!!

Good Day guys, I'm back in building Gundam kits, this after watching Gundam 00 season 1 and episode's 1-13 of season 2.

At first I did'nt like the Mech designs of 00, but after watching, I was converted. I specifically love Exia now! And I'm also looking forward to seeing the next evolutions of the new gundams in season 2.

For now, while waiting for further advancements, I have decided to focus on 1/100 kits since MG's of 00 seem to be too far off the future (bilisan niyo Bandai!!!MG na!).

But I will admit, the new 1/100 kits are not as hollow as before. In fact some of the parts seem a bit MG'ish already, so overall, I'm quite satisfied with the Gundam 00 kit!

We had to use clay at some parts, but again, this beats the old kits at 1/100 by GN drives to solar furnace's! lolx!

Now, I sit and wait for the 0 raizer to come so I can complete this baby! Go 00 go! grrrrr! Oh and the glowing GN drives is cool, it's just difficult to find the battery though, so pardon if the pics here of 00 are "glowless," he he he!

Anyway, for all avid Gundam 00 and Bandai Gundam kit Addicts, I fully recommend this 1/100 kit - its worth every penny of it!

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