Monday, January 19, 2009

Awesome Gundam Design! Exia + GN Arms

Its usually the Gundam Custom designs on the net that inspires me to piece together a kit and come up with a version of my own.

It may not be at par with those done by professionals, but I guess that's not the point... its the inspiration that makes the deal right!

So to all Plamo hobbyists out there, a million thanks for posting your works of art online! Asteeg!

Anyway, in line with this, I would like to show you a mecha design of Gundam Exia + GN Arms that just makes me want to get an Exia and start painting, he he he!

Here it is, asteeg na Exia repaint! Complete with mods!

Here is the standard color for Gundam Exia!

And finally, a completely modified 1/100 Exia kit - custom built to Master Grade perfection (drool)! Teach me how to do this! lolx!

Hopefully, the next gundam I will be posting here will be another work of art done by me! Wakokoko! Hopefully I have the time and the resources though! He he he!

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