Monday, April 7, 2008

Slimmer and Lighter PS 3?

Things always seem to get thinner and slimmer for SONY gadgets, just like the sexier versions of the PS, PS 2 and PSP. It's even very much evident with their Sony Cybershot cameras and New Mobile Phones that has come out in the market.

So if this is how the cookie crumbles down with the folks at Sony, then it isn't going to be a big surprise if the PS 3 is given a slimmer and sexier rebirth!

I was browsing some Magazines at Fully booked the other day and this prediction just might have been reinforced with the latest T3 Magazine showing some images of a slimmer and lighter PS 3.

The supposed New PS 3 design - as seen in the Latest T3 Issue

Based on the T3 press release that I read online, an Insider from the Big S released information that the new PS 3 just might come out this Autumn - perhaps the new PS 3??

Anyway, with all these speculations, and the previous events down at Sony, our much awaited toned down PS 3 could just be a few months away from public release! I also hope its much cheaper!

Check T3 online for more info:

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