Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Saving up for a Rainy day!

I started collecting toys again when Transformers Live action came out.

At first I just wanted to get myself Autobot JAZZ. I promised myself that I would not rest until I get my hands on this. And when I got Jazz, I next wanted to have Barricade...then Bumblebee, Ratchet and so on... At this point, my finances slowly trickled down the vault.

Just some of what I have so far... except for the Armada Prime

After collecting the Transformer toys, I then tried exploring Bandai Gundam action kits.
I started out with a 1/100 HG Master Gundam, then an MG Strike with IWSP, MG F 91, MG Strike Freedom etc.

Now don't fight guys, I like both toy lines!!

Now with what I have so far, I could say that toy collecting has somehow financially drained me! But don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my new found hobby and I have no regrets. Just like any toy collector out there, we all know that nothing in life is free and Gundams don't grow on trees (how I wish).

I wouldn't do this for a new toy... Lolx!

Yet on the other hand, after realizing this (many times before) I will always end up buying something I really want (like a Blue Astray 2ND L, AC Guy, MK II Ver 2.o etc, Iron Hide).

So between saving up and collecting, a compromise should be drawn! So here it goes...

To cater to both living and toy collecting, I have decided to cut on the unnecessary costs (like eating and commuting, LOLX!) by settling for cheaper yet yummy meals. I have even computed my costs so as to save up once again.

It's just going to be window shopping from here until the next paycheck!!

And only when I have enough extra cash will I purchase any toy!! So between saving up and buying new toys, I would have to settle blogging about my most desired toys and gadgets... until I get my own!! Yata!!!

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Sir X said...

I agree, we must set our priorities especially when budgeting our finances.

Anyways, the world will not run out of toys! hehehe


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