Tuesday, September 11, 2007

AC Guy and Trade paint dont match!

We were torn for our next MG Gundam project. It was a fierce battle between MK II AEUG Ver 2.0 versus ACGUY. Now this could have been conveniently decided by vote, but given the diversity between the 2 kits, the decision making was hard. It was raw power versus fully posable cuteness. In the end... cuteness got the best of us.

ACGUY wins the MG wars!!

Now, on to the construction proper... we decided to go with the mahogany and light brown combi for ACGUY, the basic color found in the box image. We also decided to use top coat for the first time to avoid scratching the paint.

Huge parts = easy painting!

It was fairly easy painting AC because of the enormous parts, especially for the main body. And building the kit was also so much fun not only because of its aesthetic quality but also of its sturdy build.

Nice boosters!!

The Absolutely huge frame of the ACGUY

The hands took longer to build because of the spring action gimmick, but overall, everything was easy to put together and the finished product was just absolutely...stunning!!

Nice underwater boosting effect!!

However, the posability issue encountered a slight bump on the road as the joints started slipping and sliding with one another... the paint started to peel and scratch off... we had a trade paint nightmare!!

Grrrrrrrrr, there goes the almost perfect paint job...

The hands of AC guy extends and retracts and the joints are held in place by ball shaped covers, and this is where most of the trade paint occurred. Talk about frustration!!!

Noir was almost dwarfed by ACGUY, I smell some rivalry here

Anyway, we were advised to let paint dry longer, use MR Surfacer, top coat and to top it off, not to play too much with the kit... he he he ! Well, we have to repair the ruined paint job, but for now, I will ignore the paint issue and just enjoy posing the Gundam Teddy Bear!!

Noir brings ACGUY back to the repair bay for another dose of paint...Lolx!

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SiMo said...

ACguy's paint problems are a new issue. Having built nothing but Gundams so far, hidden and socketed joints were not really a problem before. Letting the paint dry for a week may indeed be the best way to preserve a kits paint job, but it's kinda hard not to pick up the cute little ACguy.