Sunday, April 26, 2009

Challenge MY army of Brutes!!

I only recently discovered the wonderful world of "MYBRUTE," and when I tried it once, I was hooked in the purest form it can hook anyone, lolx

Making your own brute is extremely easy! And this is what I like most about this flash phenomenon.

However, as the game is really addictive (by my standard, nyahahaha!) it is a shame that you only get to have 3 matches a day! Crap, so much for putting your brute to the Extreme test! But since this setback is not going away anytime soon, I just decided to make my army of brutes!

Yep, yep, they take care of my need to bash other brutes on a day to day basis!! He he he! But again, with the limited arena fights my characters still need more practice! So if you have the guts, try and beat them!!

- Doubledog
- Heavy Arms

Iron Fist!!
All Around
Sheer Force

So now let us see if you have what it takes to bring them down!! Nyahahaha!

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