Friday, March 6, 2009

Watchmen is a must Watch

I have never heard of the Watchmen before and naturally I have never read the Graphic Novel. So when I saw the trailer of the movie, I wasn't really hell bent in watching it. But after reading some good reviews from rotten tomatoes, I decided that it was about time that I finally got educated with the Watchmen.

Reading on the background of the lead characters was the first step, and I have to admit, it helped me to easily digest the movie in entirety.

In a nutshell,here are some things not to expect about this super hero movie (again, this is from a noob's perspective)

- Do not expect fancy effects or super hero origin stories
- Do not expect that it is going to be a happy ending for everyone (lol)
- Forget about the old super hero movies you have watched, this is entirely different

But, despite being the unconventional Super Hero/Comic Book movie, here are some things that makes this movie a MUST watch:

- This movie has a very Deep Storyline
- Interesting characters that you learn to love (and Hate)
- Everything tries to be grounded on reality (even character personalities)
- And fight scenes that really kicks butt!!

I wont post any direct spoilers, but again, I ain't no Watchmen fan, but this was by far one of the best movies I have seen this year. It was fun, dark and sexy in a neat little bloody package!!! Nyahahaha!

Oh and btw, get ready to be bombarded by Dr. Manhattan's Blue ding dong in the entire movie!!! Bwahahahaha!!

Anyway, this movie rocks!!

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...just another fangirl chu! said...

It's okay, but I don't know why the soundtrack really irritated me to no end! It made me feel 40 years older! XD The opening music video nearly killed me, I thought it was too drawn out, too long, and kinda corny because the still photos looked staged... >.<;; It had its' own flavor, you're right, nothing fancy. I couldn't relate to any of the characters much though, and I thought the way the movie changed perspective from 1st POV to 2nd POV struck me as comedic & confusing. O_O Also, the romance between the girl and the guy made me feel awkward because I thought they weren't that compatible. Haha! But that's just my 'idealistic' nature when it comes to couples. It's very important to me that they have chemistry, and they really look in love instead of just being lusty. I did like the scene with Rorcharch (tama ba ang spelling? ^^) in the police station & prison break though. I like his sense of humor hehe.