Saturday, February 7, 2009

O Raiser - Bandai Gundam KIt Review

The O Raiser is finally out in the Philippines and I got mine a few weeks back for 1,100 pesos, care of Best Toys Greenhills.

The set kit containing the O Raiser, Gundam 00 plus a Celestial Being stand would usually cost 3,000 to 3,200 and they are now available at all toys stores in Greenhills and Alabang (R-Toys, Great Toys, Best Toys and Wasabi). If you guys can wait, I believe Toy Kingdom will get the latest 00 kits by 2ND week or 3rd week February.

Anyway, a quick review of the O Raiser reveals that once again the new build has tremendously improved from the last 1/100 HG kits from SEED.

Now this kit has a very small box with only 5 runners, but after building it you would know with its weight that this kit is no push over.

But this good build can also pose problems once we combine it with Gundam 00. The back pack is really heavy on the Gundam kit, add the side wings, then you are also side heavy.

One option here is, at least whats what we did was to add some clay in the hollow leg parts of the 00 gundam. And one good advice: keep the kit on the stand, the weight can be distributed evenly, with the proper pose.

Finally, with all the minor issues, the O Raiser, plus 00 is one must have kit! I can't wait for the MG, cough em up BANDAI!!

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