Saturday, January 3, 2009

Swimming sa tag-lamig, Lolx!

Because of the long vacation, our friends at work decided to plan out a swimming trip to Batangas. This has been a routine for the guys at work to de-stress and make the best out of the free time.

Last year was a trip to Terrazas Punta Fuego in Batangas. It was fun since there were freebies left and right (hena, slippers, wax painting etc.). So for this year, we planned to return to the wonderful resort, wakekekeke!

So it was settled then, we would visit Punta Fuego on Dec 30, 08! What we didn't expect was that the weather's really - really cool December breeze, and it was not just any type of coolness, it was 'THE' coolness! lolx!

Unfortunately we found out about this the hard way from when we first plunged in!

Splooooosh~ and the rest is history!

We tried to seek refuge in the beach for a little warm water, but that was not any good lolx!

In the end, I went home still feeling the icy cool water on my back coupled with an irritating sniffle and a slight itch on my throat. Oh well, the perils of swimming during the "ber" months!

Anyway, despite the setback, it was a lot of fun, and I'm ready and waiting for the 2nd one. Hopefully it is not going to be as cold! Weeeee!

Wah, nakakamiss naman! Sana bakasyon na ulit!

With friends from LU!

Sorry if there were no pics at the pool and the beach, my friend Dax has the copy of those photos! Sa uulitin!

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