Thursday, March 6, 2008

God of WAR - Chains of Olympus: Hands ON!

Ladies and Gents, I have to admit, playing God of War in the PSP is an addicting experience!!

Why? Well, here are the reasons from a new players point of view:

1. A Satisfying move set - just like the PS2 version, Kratos is introduced in this version with enough moves to bash the enemies in several ways - slice, throw, catch, grind!!! And a whole lot more!! Just the way GOW fans like it!

2. Excellent Graphics - This is not the PS 2 version, but to hell with that coz Chains of Olympus seems to be exactly the same as the console version in terms of graphics!!Talk about pushing the PSP to the limit!

3. Great Sound Quality - Don't just play this thing with your regular speakers, grab a headset and play this baby and you might just find yourself immersed with twice the gusto!

4. Bad Ass Battles - In tradition of the GOW we all loved, this version also brings the same action even in just the early going - and of course, the babes will always be a part of this game! So be careful as you advance through the stage, coz you just might miss one scene...or more...

Overall, this game is the next best thing to PATAPON right now for the PSP!! And as of this point, everything seems to be satisfying for God of War - Chains of Olympus!!

Now let me play the entire game!! You should too!

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