Monday, January 7, 2008

Gifts galore!!

Ano ba natanggap niyo ngayong Pasko at New Year?

Some people I know got a laptop, mobile phone, Ipod, digital cam etc., for the holiday season.

Yep, these pipz have a lot of rich relatives (or by nature on the top of the food chain) - that's why they have these to die for gifts.

But the season is not about the extravagant and expensive things we get, but the happiness brought about by the meaning of the holidays... and the gifts you open!! Wakekeke!!

Yes, yes, I know its a big no no, but I just want to share what I got for Christmas and New year for myself and from my loved ones!!

Now let me begin with:

My Keroro Fix Figurations!!

Right now we are busy with the MK II kits, but receiving these FF's is a great addition to my growing Sgt. Keroro collection.

I also got a SD Strike Freedom kit - now the MG strike Freedom will have its pint sized counterpart!

I received a Renji stuffed figure as well, however my sister held it hostage in her room. Lolx!

And to keep my life organized for 2008, I received a Starbucks planner - good thing I didn't work doubly hard just to get one.

Now for my personal gifts - I bought myself an MG Destiny kit, a New Transformer - Landmine and a new Tamiya Cutter. I still have to piece Destiny together...

And to top it off, my most expensive gift to myself is a brand new Sony Cybershot DSC w35, perfect for family celebrations and barkada gimmicks... and especially useful for documenting our Gundam kit escapades!

Plus a PSP Slim and Lite!!


How about you guys, what did you get this Christmas? What did u get for yourself?

Well, true enough, I feel that I got the gifts I wanted... But believe it or not, I guess the best gift I got was intangible, immeasurable and priceless... a healthy and loving family... NAKS naman!!

It might be cheesy, but I don't give a damn! He he he!! Because I just want to share it!

1 comment:

SiMo said...

Nice haul!

I agree that giving is great, but receiving gifts can be fun too!

(Nothing like getting toys for the season! Brings out your inner child for a small period of time which is always a good thing)

Christmas, well the Holidays in general is always about loved ones. Sharing time with them will always be a treat.

Happy Holidays!